Hole-y Wars (workng title)
Manuel castanon neekid lineup x

The whole moerat crew lineup! For now, useful to see the difference in size between the castes

Manuel castanon nekkid serfx

The workers of the colony,
hardworking, resilient and devoted, the workers caste of the colony far outnumber their soldier bethren, but they would never dream of revolting against their Queen Mother

Manuel castanon naked soldier5

The smaller militia levied from the workers of the clan in times of need, smaller and not the brightest among their ranks, these guys make up in sheer numbers and devotion to the Mother Queen

Manuel castanon nekkid crossbowx

The long shooters, ranged fighters of the colony.
Hated and feared even among their own clans, not because of their size or strength, but for their strange way of "seeing more than seeing" both a gift and a curse from the Queen

Manuel castanon naked merc5b

Brave, disciplined, well trained and armed literally to the teeth, these guys will fight to the last if needed and are a force to be reckoned with, only surpassed by the elite caste in individual combat prowess.

Manuel castanon neekid knight7

The nobles of the colony, stalwart commanders and warriors, they lead the Queen mother's armies in the field in absence of a Queensguard and perform heroic deeds in the hopes of attaining the highest honor, to be one of the next Queen's mates

Manuel castanon queensguardx

The All-female Queen's Guard, Mightier and smarter than any other mole rat of the clan, except for the Queen herself, they are the ultimate protection for their ruler as they learn the ways of war and politics, for they are Queens in training themselves

Hole-y Wars (workng title)

My gf Ewa had an idea about making a game featuring the weirdest mammal on earth, naked mole rats.
And I took that base idea and gave it the medieval warfare spin so now its a collaborative project between us.
I have written a lot of lore about these guys but most of it will remain hidden for now as the project hopefully develops over time, and while Im taking a break after working on it alongside my full time job for a few weeks, I hope we can show you something else soon.
Ewa's AS: https://www.artstation.com/ewawiderska

for now enjoy! and hope you like it


More artwork
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